Stop the noise…

My mind’s eye pictures a little child with a long stick hanging over their right shoulder. Tied to the end of that stick is a bulky red and white plaid handkerchief. The child’s head is laid low, being sure to avoid eye contact with any other human that may come across their path. If you were able to see their eyes you would see damp eyelashes and dusty streaked cheeks that give a hint to the pain they feel inside. But of course we can’t see their eyes, because the pain is part of what they are trying to hide.

Have you ever felt like that child? Ever had that desire to simply walk away, even if only for a moment? To silence the world?

Those things in our life that have brought us immense joy in the past can become noise that is added to the already noisy world around us.

For some it may be a job that is now more stressful then it is pleasurable. Perhaps it is a marriage that is more challenging then you had anticipated. It can be loved ones that require us to give of ourselves when we feel exhausted and depleted of our ability to give. Or what about the friends we hold so dear that have let us down. It can even be the ministry to which God has called us into.

There was a time that I thought I was truly alone in my desire to run. But I have come to realize that there are a lot of us walking on this road with a stick over our shoulder. There is a crowd of people out there with heads laid low, avoiding eye contact with the world around them. They sit in our churches every Sunday morning and come to our offices five days a week.

How does it happen? Why do we want to run? What causes us to run from a relationship, a situation or our work for the Lord? How long does it take before we eventually start running from God?

The answers to these questions are extensive and underneath each answer is a life that feels broken. The pain can sometimes simply be a minor abrasion that in time will heal. But all too often it can be a fatal wound.

The enemy takes joy in making our world noisy; causing distraction. Keeping our “heads laid low”. You see, when our heads are low we are not looking up. We need to lift our dampened eyes and tear streaked faces to the One who has promised to never leave (Deut. 31:6).

The answer is not to run. The answer is to drop to our knees and the key is to stay there! When we are in His presence the noise will cease. It is in His presence that we will find the perfect perspective.

Take a moment and allow the words from Matthew West’s song STOP THE WORLD to penetrate your heart.

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2 Responses to Stop the noise…

  1. As one who requires solitude and silence in order to be my best self, much as I love people, I so relate to the struggle in this post.

    How often we turn away when we could have sweet fellowship with him.

    Song of Solomn 8:14.
    14 Come away, my lover,
    and be like a gazelle
    or like a young stag
    on the spice-laden mountains.

  2. Susan2 says:

    You may have written this in May, but it was today I needed to “accidentally” stumble on it again. Thanks for being vulnerable enough to write this back when you felt like quitting. Check this out. If there are no tears streaming down your face by the end of this video than I don’t know you at all… 🙂 It moved me to tears this morning… and then your post…

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