Learning to Walk by Faith

After a long, self imposed, hiatus I have finally made my way back to blog world. I admit that I had to reread my post on boasting in my weaknesses to remind myself why I am here. So with sore heels (I am the master at digging them in) and stiff fingers, I once again find myself sitting in front of my computer doing what I dread.

I thought that the easiest way to begin my struggle again would be to introduce you to my latest Bible study. Three weeks ago we opened our home to a group of ladies. Our group ranges in age from early twenties to; well let’s just say not-so-much-twenties anymore. Together we represent five different church denominations. We have some who have been following Christ for many decades and there are those who are a few months along this beautiful road of grace. Yet, with all the differences that we bring to our group, we bring many things that are the same as well.

The most obvious one is that we are all women! There is something about a Ladies’ Bible study that just isn’t the same when the company is mixed. There is a mutual understanding of each other, we just GET it. However, we also bring with us many distractions. We could be preoccupied by the child or children that we have left home for the evening. It could be our endless to-do-list that we feel is swallowing us and nobody else seems to notice. Perhaps it is our appearance, after all let’s be honest, we women can be quite critical of each other even if we don’t want to be. For me, it’s my hospitality. I question whether my home is clean enough, does is smell nice, have my children used the guest washroom lately because that can be disastrous! Then I worry about the food. Is there enough, does it look nice, better yet, does it taste good! Is the coffee too strong or too weak, is there enough selections of tea. I mean seriously! The list is endless and quite ridiculous! We begin our evening with an effort to close those distractions down, even if only for an hour and half.

We were not far into our conversation on our first night we when discovered that we have another similarity. Struggle. We all struggle. The struggles are all different but they are there nonetheless. Some of our struggles are rooted in deep heartache and pain. Some of them have been born out of frustration. Some have found us because of our overwhelming sense of loneliness. Perhaps it is the struggles that have drawn us together?

Together we are learning how to WALK BY FAITH, using a study guide by Jennifer Rothschild. I encourage you to go to her website and read her story. If anyone is qualified to teach others how to walk by faith, it is Jennifer Rothschild.

As we embark on our journey together our goal will be to learn this one truth. “When I choose to walk by Faith and not by Sight – no matter how hard life is – I can simply say, “It is well with my soul even if it may not be well with my circumstance.”

I pray that we will learn together that it can be well with my soul even if it is not well with my circumsances.

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1 Response to Learning to Walk by Faith

  1. Do you really hate to write Sue? Because you do it so well, when you do. Maybe it is God flowing through your weakness; or just the sacrifice of doing something hard. Anyway, whenever I see that there is another post from Pressing On, I leap to read it. Loved it.

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